Video Premiere | Maya Delilah shares the visuals for “Need A Word With Cupid”

Vocalist and guitarist Maya Delilah shares the visuals for her new single “Need A Word With Cupid”. The track unravels into a punchy number that gives you a hit of both dopamine and female empowerment. Written about realising your worth after a relationship breakup, Maya’s lyrics are little witty statements that we can all use to remind ourselves who the hell we are.

“Last Tuesday morning I just realised you’re shit” – it’s the truth.

The video sees her waiting in cupid’s reception ready to get her money back because, damn, this boy was not worth her energy. At. All. “Need A Word With Cupid” is a brilliant narrative that’s not only relatable but also incredibly good. Brimming with smooth guitar tones and a catchy beat, this is a single that leaves you wanting so much more. A self-love anthem for the modern woman, “Need A Word With Cupid” is an indie-pop bop.

“Need A Word With Cupid” was written after my breakup when I felt a sudden hit of empowerment after the realisation that my ex was not worth another tear over. It’s an energetic and uplifting song with soul influences and of course a guitar solo to end.“

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Video Premiere | Maya Delilah shares the visuals for “Need A Word With Cupid”
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