YONAKA reflect on their mental health on “Call Me A Saint”

The badass band YONAKA share their new single “Call Me A Saint”. An empowering track about escaping mental health troubles, the single showcase thunderous guitar grooves and gritty electronics. It’s a dark-pop/indie-rock hybrid that deserves all the praise. Featuring glossy production, the single takes you on a journey into a turbulent moment of clarification.

Lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis explains: “I wanted to remove myself from the anxiety as if I was its keeper and it was a guest, and I was a saint to this thing to let it keep its place in my mind. You constantly feel like you are on the run from something big and scary when you’re battling with mental health. It’s a long hard journey that you can never fully free yourself from, so you learn how to live with it. Dealing with this every day is big fucking deal, and I want to praise anyone for making it to the next day and fighting through it. We are slaves to our brains and the strength it takes to keep it together and keep moving is another level.”

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YONAKA reflect on their mental health on “Call Me A Saint”
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