ARXX release new music video for ‘Moments At A Time’

Brighton based rock/garage duo ARXX have returned to release their new music video to accompany their breakout single ‘Moments at a Time’.

It’s safe to say that 2018 was a busy year for this gal pal pair. With the release of their debut EP, over forty live gigs and performances, and features on BBC introducing, it seems that listeners and industry tastemakers alike are beginning to discover the talents of this collective.

The music video, with its segments of dance and movement interspersed with high energy snippets of the band playing the guitar and drums respectively, gives us an explosive introduction to this high energy duo. The vocals, at times guttural and at others surprisingly ethereal, shows the dexterity of this young group and nods towards a wealth of musical knowledge and understanding.

The video’s energetic, and at times frenetic, editing provides a contrast to the warmth and ease we feel in response to the muted colours of the clothing and the softness of the body movements. This outcome? A video that is as jarring as it is relaxing, and as fragmented as it is whole.

Having just finished their headline tour of the UK and Europe, ARXX are now looking to the future. With the release of their new music video, and the suggestion of more live dates in the not too distance future it seems that they are set to meet and exceed the success of their previous releases.

Watch the video below.

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Featured image by Jessie Morgan.

ARXX release new music video for ‘Moments At A Time’
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