Single Review: ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ by Amber Burgoyne

Brighton-based musician Amber Burgoyne has dropped her debut single, and it’s a lazy pop song with a retro sound, taking a deep dive into the tones that defined decades past. Full of analogue warmth, the track looks upon the fickle path that young love can take with a sunny disposition; striking a balance between wide-eyed optimism and the steady self-assuredness that actually, you can be okay on your own. You can almost feel the sun pooling on your skin like honey as you take a stroll amongst the wildflowers with this track on –drift into escapism and smoky saxophones with ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’.

Listen to ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ below.

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Featured image by Tan Le.

Single Review: ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ by Amber Burgoyne
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