Q&A: Dominique Tey

Alt-R&B Stockholmer Dominique Tey recently released her ‘Heartstream’ EP, which is an effortlessly progressive collection of work. We recently spoke to the solo performer, see below for what she had to say.

Hey Dominique, how’s life?

Hi! I would say that life is good at the moment.

You recently released your EP ‘Heartstream’, how does it feel to have it out in the world?

It feels exciting and I’m grateful for the love and support it’s received so far!

What’s your favourite track from the EP?

That’s a tough one… I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a favourite, all of the songs are special to me in their own way.

Tell us about the EP’s writing process.

I usually start by writing down my thoughts and feelings, much like a diary. Then the melodies and the production ideas come along. But sometimes it’s the other way around, it depends on the project.

You have some cool Jessie Ware vibes, what artists influence your sound?

That’s a nice vibe. My sound is probably influenced by various artists in different genres. I love listening to Tame Impala but also to Björk, Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish and The Japanese House, so my influences are pretty varied.

What’s your main goal for 2019?

My ambition is to make more music and to inspire people with my songs.

Finally, what’s the one song you have on repeat at the moment?

I would say ”Follow my girl” by The Japanese house.

Thanks for chatting with us, ‘Heartstream’ is a incredible collection of tracks

Thank you guys, I’m glad you like it and it was really nice talking to you.

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Featured image by Ninja Hanna.

Q&A: Dominique Tey
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