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LIVE: Alexandra Savior @ Scala, London

Enigmatic songstress Alexandra Savior is perhaps unfairly most known for being Alex Turner’s writing partner. Anyone who is a true fan of Savior, however, will know that she is a unique talent in her own right and at her packed-out show at London’s Scala this evening, she proves it.

Having seen Alexandra Savior on a number of occasions, most notably at her first showcase gig at the London Courtyard last year, what is instantly noticeable this time around is how much more at ease Savior seems to be onstage.

She opens the set with ‘Frankie’ – one of the many crooning numbers featured on her debut album, Belladonna of Sadness – and its cinematic sound and harrowing vocal instantly captivate the audience.  

The Portland native then effortlessly sweeps through ‘Bones’, before launching into album standout, ‘Mirage’ – much to the audience’s liking. ‘M.T.M.E’ – which Alexandra has previously described as a song that makes her “want to fall off the stage” – sounds as captivating and powerful live as it does on record. The screams that take place during the bridge of the song also, rather impressively, feature live.

Quaint track ‘Girlie’ slows down the tempo, as Alexandra croons out the lines, “she calls me, Girlie” with the help of the audience who sing every word back to her.

Observing the packed out venue, I notice and start to truly understand the audience’s shear admiration and love for Alexandra, her onstage persona, emotional performance and her scattered outbursts of witty humour. She’s truly enthralling to watch.

Her backing band is musically tight throughout the gig and they excel in bringing Alexandra’s favourite track, ‘Audeline’, to life in a live environment. The angelic and dreamy sounding ‘Until You’re Mine’ concludes with Alexandra’s high-pitched vocal. Seemingly embarrassed, she states, “we can move on.”

After closing her intense set with ‘Cupid’, ‘Vanishing Point’ and latest single, ‘Mystery Girl’ – the latter of which sees the 21-year-old end the song with a haunting laugh taken straight out of a B-movie horror flick – Alexandra swiftly and abruptly leaves the stage, leaving the crowd wanting more.


LIVE: Alexandra Savior @ Scala, London
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