Abigail Lapell shares the heartwarming “Land of Plenty”

Canadian singer and songwriter Abigail Lapell shares her new single “Land of Plenty”. Touching our hearts with simplistic but emotive guitar tones and inimitable vocals, Abigail’s acoustic-led single is a precious track wrapped in a heartfelt narrative.

“When the Trump administration first brought in the Muslim ban, I remember watching something about it and just crying; it made me think of my whole family,” Lapell says. “They didn’t have an easy life here. You get here and you have no money, you have nothing to call your own, but you’re still rich. It’s not about romanticizing life in Canada, or ignoring the ills of our society. We were just raised with this idea, that as shitty as it is, it’s better than any other place or time in history. This is the land of plenty.”

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Abigail Lapell shares the heartwarming “Land of Plenty”
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