Alessia Labate returns with the addictive dark pop single “World Falls Down”

Italian pop artist Alessia Labate returns with the new single “World Falls Down”. A bass-heavy dark pop single dripping in coolness, the track is about pretending everything is okay even though the world isn’t a fun place anymore. It’s an addictive pop track that soldifies Alessia’s reputation as an exciting pop newcomer.

“The song idea literally arrived like a gust of wind. I stepped out of my house that morning to meet Michele and Dillon and was overwhelmed by this loud, continuous rumble from a very strong wind that was hitting Milan. I had the feeling the world was about to end. That feeling was a conversation starter — when I got to Michele’s studio, we all quickly touched on the bad shit happening in the world right now and finally landed on the last scene of the movie “Don’t Look Up”. So we decided to write about that feeling of faking that everything is normal even though the world is falling apart. It’s a pretty common coping mechanism for all of us who survived the first 2 years of this decade. In the song we picture this awesome never-ending party, where everyone is “having fun”— spending all their money, getting wasted till the last drop, and goin’ hard even in the after-life. And all the while the world outside is falling apart…”

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Alessia Labate returns with the addictive dark pop single “World Falls Down”
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