Q&A: Allegra

One-to-watch British rising pop star Allegra takes a moment to look back at her journey so far. From getting signed at only 14-years-old, the songstress has two Top chart positions and has gathered over two million streams.

The most recent single, ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ has portrayed Allegra coming into her own. During our chat, she said she’s figured out her sound and what kind of music she intends to create, and there might be a new single coming sooner than you think. Read on for more details on everything Allegra.

Hi Allegra, would you mind starting us off by introducing yourself and telling us a bit how you would define yourselves as an artist?

Hey, my name is Allegra, and I am a 19-year-old singer who was signed at the age of 14. I’ve been developing as an artist ever since learning and working with a lot of talented people. I just feel like I’m on a bit of a crazy journey that my 14-year-old self would just dream about. I would define myself as an artist who only writes what’s real. Every song that I release is personal to myself so that I can connect with my fans.

You have had an incredible and exciting first couple years since releasing music, including over 2M Spotify streams, over 1 million streams for your collaborative effort with the one and only R3HAB, consistently delivered Top 2 chart positions and recently appeared on BBC Music’s flagship show Playlist, how does it all feel, has it sunk in yet?

To be honest it hasn’t sunk in when you list is out like that, and I don’t think it ever will sink in. I just can’t believe that many people have hear me sing. It’s crazy.

Are there any big plans lined up for fans to look forward to over this next year?

There are lots of discussions about live performances this year, so keep a look out.

What areas are you currently looking to develop and work on as an artist?

I think I am still learning my style and you will be able to see a slight change with my next single which is coming out in April. I’m just going along with my journey but also learning from other artists. 

How have artists such as Dua Lipa influenced your work?

I love her style, just everything she does is so creative but also her music makes you want to just get up and dance. I always play her music when I’m getting ready to go out! I’m lucky enough to say that I have been compared to her in my style of music which is just insane. 

What role did music play in your life when growing up?

Music played such a big role in my life since I was a little girl. I always did musicals, dance classes, violine and piano lessons. I even put on my own concerts for my whole family as a little girl, I think I was a bit bossy because I would make my siblings and cousins to it as my backup singers and dancers… haha ! I don’t think I would be the person I am today without music.

What has been your biggest highlight as a musician so far?

Oooo that’s hard to say! I think going to work in LA in so many incredible studios was just a dream! I felt so home sick flying back home!

Are there any producers out there at the moment that you would love to work with (no matter how big or small)?

I would love to work with Galantis ! I’m just obsessed with everything that they are releasing at the moment.

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Q&A: Allegra
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