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Album Review: ‘BDY_PRTS’ – BDY_PRTS

BDY_PRTS’ debut, self-titled album builds on the four singles they’ve released in the past two years. ‘IDLU’, ‘Rooftops’, ‘Cold Shoulder’ and ‘Warrior’ are all included here and unsurprisingly, so is the dual vocal approach taken by Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow And The Workshop) and Jenny Reeve (Strike The Colours) that made those first four singles so unique. And on a record made up of an enthralling collision of electronic influences and unashamed pop moments, it’s the captivating vocals that sit right at the heart of this LP for the entirety.

A joyous mix of harmonies and backing vocals provide songs like ‘Welcome’ and ‘Take It To The Top’ with a lift at exactly the right moment, whilst standout track, ‘Warrior’ harbours a warm, shimmering pulse and enticing layered vocals.

‘Shame’ oozes with uplifting positivity and vocals that drift out into the near distance, before rebounding back, and album closer ‘45’ only confirms that these songs are not

afraid to let their hair down, show their fun side and put a smile on your face. It’s this refreshing approach that gives the album a timeless feel; it sounds as if it could have been released anywhere between 1981 and the present day.

As the album progresses into the second half, a darker sider starts to show. ‘Breathe’ and ‘Ghost In The Maze’ hint at something more menacing and the vocals are given an extra dramatic impetus as the music attempts to mirror and emphasize the words that are being sung. Yet, somehow, they feel very much in keeping with what Jill, Jenny and their partner in crime – producer Jonny Scott – are trying to achieve with this record.

Even without the complementary visuals that have accompanied their singles and their live show, BDY_PRTS stands strong and proud as a body of work in its own right. It hits you on the first listen, but as you delve deeper, you’ll discover even more layers to slowly peel back.

Featured Image by Stephanie Gibson.

Words by Dave Brown.

Album Review: ‘BDY_PRTS’ – BDY_PRTS
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