Video Premiere: Ora The Molecule share Indian-inspired visuals for “Salé”

European alt-dance pop band Ola The Molecule unveil the Inspector Clouseau inspired video for their latest single “Salé”.

Capturing the band’s unique and quirky outlook, “Salé” focuses on the mineral salt,  and is a reminder that the world remains one whole, physical entity. Vocalist Nora explains: “Salt deserves celebration because it brings flavour to everything, as if all would be mundane and basic without it.”

With their dance-pop beats and expansive chorus, the track is enlightening. Released alongside a video following Nora running through the streets of India, trying to find a thief who has stolen all of the salt, before realising that the sale actually belongs to the Earth. The video was shot by Indian film maker Tanmay Chowdhary – “Tanmay and his family hosted us in Calcutta for a whole month,” says Nora. “During the production, we got the whole family of Tanmay to act in the video, Tanmay’s sister called Tanvi helped produce it while running around carrying gear in the heat.”

Nora further explains: “It is shot in the spirit of what we felt coming there, people are generous with their smiles and love a laughter. It made it fun to include all these people we met on the street in Varanasi and recruit them to actors in the film. At first, I was surprised by the enthusiasm of people wanting to be on camera. It resulted in a lot of laughing and also some new friends.””

This is an alt-dance-come-pop delight from the trio. Keep an eye out for more to come.

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Featured image by Mats Bakken

Video Premiere: Ora The Molecule share Indian-inspired visuals for “Salé”
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