Q&A: Lxandra

Finnish vocalist Lxandra recently shared the visuals for her glimmering pop track “Swimming Pools”. Her sleek, sugary pop has captured hearts across the globe including the team here at LOCK. We sat down and spoke about her latest single, #MeToo and her favourite female artists.

Hey Lxandra, thanks for speaking to us here at LOCK. How would you describe your sound in one word? 

Emotional, hahaha.

Your latest track ‘Swimming Pools’ is sheer pop perfection, tell us about the single.

Thank you! It was written already a few years ago. The day we wrote I felt a little angry at the all the expectations that are put on our generation, that we should all jump in the wheel and support capitalism. We wanted to write the song from a positive perspective and made it a little nostalgic. The production turned out to have this positive and child like vibe, but emotional like the piano version.

The visuals for the track incorporate a lot of pastel colours – it’s very pretty. What inspired the video? 

Yes, thanks x

The lyrics – we wanted to enhance the positive message of the song and sway between imagination and reality. We wanted to create a child like world with lots of symbolism.

Your previous track ‘Dig Deep’ touched on the subject of the #MeToo campaign. Do you think it’s important to be vocal about these issues as a female musician?

Yes, definitely. This industry is still very much male dominated and I have experienced lots of misogynistic behaviour. I’ve been lucky not to have been explicitly harassed, but it’s no rarity in this industry and we have to speak up.

Speaking of female empowerment, what other female artists are you digging at the moment? 

Big fan of Lizzo, Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish, Rosalia and many more.

You’re based in Finland, how does music in the UK differ from Finland? 

I’m from Finland, but not based there tho. But it differs a lot, for example the language. It’s very hard to break as an artist with lyrics in English in Finland. Also there is only a very small indie pop scene in Finland so it’s mostly straight pop, pop-rap or metal that’s big there. The general quality is way better in the UK, probably also cos the music industry is way bigger there.

Lastly, can we expect to hear more from you this year? 

Yes, definitely! My next single will be out soon and after that my debut EP!

Thanks for chatting! 

Thank you!

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Featured image by Iiris Heikka

Q&A: Lxandra
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