Video Premiere | FILIPPA Reminds You To Be Yourself on new single “Slowmover”

Silky vocals, addictive beats and a beautifully choreographed music video – welcome to the world of FILIPPA.  This new single from the Denmark native has allowed her belief of being daring to be true to yourself.  Something we can all relate to.  ‘Slowmover’ feels like an anthem of whatever is happening in life, always remember to be yourself – a beautiful message.

When listening to the new track there is the feeling of the 80’s, but it’s not until viewing the music video that 80’s pop culture really comes alive within both track and video.  From the 4:3 aspect ratio to the dancefloor scenes, or even FILIPPA herself staring into space as she contemplates love, the combination of 80’s culture and creative songwriting has shown just how talented she really is.

“I have, for instance, had a guy telling me that he felt we had to go on like eightdates before he really got to know me. Some people don’t have the time for that and tend to disappear, and that really is a shame, I think.”

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Video Premiere | FILIPPA Reminds You To Be Yourself on new single “Slowmover”
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