Track Premiere: ‘Lame’ by Chloe Tang

We are pleased to be premiering the new single from LA-based singer Chloe Tang.

‘Lame’ is a three-minute alternative-pop tune that shines brightly, thanks to its catchy melody, sultry R&B vibes and Chloe’s flawless vocals.

Classically trained on the piano from age five, Chloe Tang has always been passionate about writing music. After being inspired to pursue a career in music, from her time at Grammy Camp in 2013, Chloe has now been featured on various Spotify playlists across the world.

Speaking about the new single, the fast-rising artist said this…

“This song is really special to me because it came out of nowhere. Every word in this song is so true to me and talks about a very real place in my life I am still going through. Sometimes I can’t get out of bed or I have panic attacks at work. People have told me I’m just being lazy or overly emotional and I used to get so affected by that..but now it’s like..they can think I’m being lame. I’m not going to start a fight over it because it wouldn’t do any good for me. I just want people to know you can take time to yourself without justifying it to anyone. If that’s being lame, be as lame as you want.” 

Listen to ‘Lame’ below.

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Track Premiere: ‘Lame’ by Chloe Tang
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