Q&A Interview: Riva Taylor

Following the release of Riva Taylor’s brand new single ‘This Woman’s Heart’, we caught up with the country influenced artist for an exclusive and in-depth chat about her new release.

How excited are you to be sharing your new single ‘This Woman’s Heart’?

Super excited! I’ve waited a long time to share ‘This Woman’s Heart’ with everyone. It’s a song I started writing about three years ago…it’s very personal to me.

What was the main inspiration behind the track?

The track is written about the people we love, who are there for us in life no matter what. I have a few of those, no matter what life has thrown at me they have been constant rocks. This is a song for them. A thank you. The track nods to my journey as a kid releasing albums and my journey to womanhood.

Can you tell us a little more about the writing process for the single?

It was actually not a straightforward, one session write. It was a process. ‘This Woman’s Heart’ as a lyric came to me after the song melody and most of the lyric had been written! The song felt solid but the lyric didn’t fully deliver, it was a niggle for a long time as I knew we had a good song. But we knew there was more to uncover to make it magic for me. It felt general and not personal. In fact, the song had a completely different title called ‘Iceflow’ for a long time. It’s hard to imagine singing this now as this woman’s heart feels so right!

How do you feel the production tells the story of the song?

This song is about growth and resolve. I think Tim Bran has done an amazing job in reflecting this in the way the track builds with certainty, yet keeping some fragility and intimacy in the production. The high hook that is repeated throughout is an echo of my childhood voice. I love the way this weaves in and out of my vocal as it sounds now.

How would you describe the overall sonic vibe to new listeners?

Ambient, woman power pop!

What are you hoping fans take from the track?

Hoping they reflect on who lights their fire and are comforted by it.

Do you have a favourite lyric from ‘This Woman’s Heart’?

Tough one! I’m really happy with the way the chorus resolves. But I do like the first line “I’m a statue on a tightrope” in terms of the image it conjures from the start.

Do you have any plans to release a music video for the single?

The video is coming! Soon. I loved filming it the other day. Keep your eyes peeled! It’s full of light and shade.

How are you finding the response to the single so far?

It always means so much to have positive responses to my songs and people so far seem to have been spreading the word and giving it some nice coverage. I have so many plans for this song, it’s only the beginning. I’ve had some lovely messages professionally and personally too which always means so much when a song I’ve written feels like it genuinely resonates with those who have supported me for so long.

Looking ahead what else can we expect from you this year?

More music….the album is coming! Performing my material live, my favourite place. I’m also excited to be heading back to the US, to what has become a second home – LA. Always a place I feel creative and have written a load of the album there.

Q&A Interview: Riva Taylor
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