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Single Review: Leave by Stella Talpo

Following the successes of ‘SPACE’ and ‘GIRL’, Stella Talpo releases another soft and soulful jazz track with ‘Leave’. Staying true to her ambient style she continues to enchant her listener through delicate vocals which aptly hypnotize as she signs of addiction and possession: ‘suppose this is all my fault, got what I asked for’. Yet this time she experiments the merging of genres in the production of the song, where the Jazz aspects of the track are modernised with the use of echoes and electronic beats, while effortlessly exuding traditional Soul in her vocal range.

‘Leave’ introduces a new dimension to Talpo’s music as she manages to capture a sense of atmosphere with the song; transporting you to a Jazz bar with the psychedelic yet tranquil melodies and chords which are far more reminiscent of a live performance than a recorded track. This not only puts her music in practice but shows off her ability to connect with her listener by encapsulating the essence of escapism into a song.

Stella Talpo gives Easy Listening a new name, as there is nothing “background” about her vocals or lyrics but instead it is the softness and general air of the instruments which draw attention to what Talpo is singing about in an extremely humble way. Opting to showcase her talent in a way in which it speaks for itself is very refreshing and what sets Talpo apart from the rest, making her one to watch.

You can listen to ‘Leave’ below.

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Review by Phoebe De Angelis

Single Review: Leave by Stella Talpo
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