SINGLE Review: ‘The First One’ by Edie Bens

Independent Brighton based, Welsh singer/songwriter, Edie Bens combines folk and country influences with elements of new age pop

Edie Bens’ debut single ‘The First One’ takes the listener on a dusty horseback journey through the tale of an encounter with an old flame.

Written by vocalist and acoustic guitarist Elinor Williams, the song starts with an intimate vocal drawing you in before the plodding drums and subtle shimmering chords open up a soundscape of country folk goodness.

After ramping it up for the chorus with rhythmic electric guitar and to-the-point lyrics, Edie leans back in to tell you more – “your hand still fits mine like it was made to do, but our bodies cant intertwine like we used to,” she sings.  

The song seems to make use of the space well, repeating this whisper-in-your-ear to big vista dynamic throughout the entirety of the track.

Edie prays her way through the breakdown (“please God have mercy on us I know that he was made for me”) before an interlude of tasteful oohs and reverb drenched guitar lead to the last choruses of the song.

A vivid, intimate portrayal of a complicated dynamic, ‘The First One’ demonstrates classic storytelling songwriting capabilities and is set to be a great debut for this new act.

‘The First One’ is out May 31st 2019.

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SINGLE Review: ‘The First One’ by Edie Bens
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