SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Yellow’ by Luan Mei

Luan Mei has released the long-awaited follow-up to the jangly indie pop of debut single ‘Elements’.

‘Yellow’ is a further exploration for the Madrid- Brighton artist, bringing together pop-tastic synths, drum machines, singer-songwriter intimacy and melancholic indie guitar lines.

The whole melting pot of influences are tied together by Luan Mei’s vocals, fingerstyle guitar and the summertime pop production.

‘Yellow’ builds through the first verse, subtly adding layers of shimmering instrumentation until a chorus opens up, with production and a cascading series of delicately picked notes invoking imagery of beaches, sunsets, winding coastal roads and convertibles.

The playful chorus is balanced nicely by the hopeful, yet, longing subject matter incited both by the lyrical content (“I’ve been trying to understand all the feeling in my heart”) and the minor progression of the verses, which are gradually peppered with rhythmic guitar licks as the track progresses. 

Live versions of this track have been around online for some time.

However, it appears as though Luan Mei has been working hard to sculpt, edit, expand and craft her songs in the studio environment, working out how exactly Luan Mei sounds, which at the minute is catchy, hopeful, intimate and well, sunny. 

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SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Yellow’ by Luan Mei
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