News: Jes Frances releases new single ‘Coming Around’

AN authentic singer-songwriter who shunned the glitz and glamour of the music industry in favour of pushing her true self forward has released a new single.

Jes Frances, now based in San Francisco, has dropped the soulful ‘Coming Around’, and taken a leap of faith in doing so.

On the perfect-for-the-summer track, the talented and individualistic artist uses her trademark charisma to draw the listener into what is essentially a pop ballad

Throughout the just under four-minute track, a subtle and simplistic guitar lick acts as the platform from which Frances’ smoothing vocal melodies can truly flex.

As the track transitions into the instantly captivating and somewhat raw chorus, an off-kilter drumbeat briefly takes the release in an entirely difference direction.

Influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys, it is clear to see where Frances inherits her powerful pop and strong-sounding sonic articulation, not least on this track. 

Frances’ latest offering, which follows on from previous releases ‘Facade’, ‘River’, and ‘Dance in the Shade’, is about creating change, explains the singer.

“This song is about the power and choice to create change,” she said.

“It was inspired by my desire to reach the life I dreamed of.

“It wasn’t until I looked at all that was holding me back that I was able to grow, transform.

“By taking a leap of faith through my own action, I noticed the change which led me to find my wings.”

Listen to ‘Coming Around’:

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News: Jes Frances releases new single ‘Coming Around’
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