SINGLE: ‘Hazemaze’ by Alicia Clara

An upbeat indie pop song which landed in my inbox at just the right time, ‘Hazemaze’ is a bouncy blend of shimmering guitars, strutting bass and pillow soft vocals. 

Beginning with a percussive hop skip and jump and a cheerful major guitar lick the verse saunters along, with offbeat guitar stabs keeping the movement as the underlying progression is formed through various acoustic and tasteful effect laden guitars.

Alicia’s vocals sound sweet and hopeful, you can imagine this song being the soundtrack to a coming of age montage of grainy super 8 footage.

The song deviates from the hooky back and forth undercurrent of the verse to a descending progression which lands tastefully back into the second verse.

A minute and a half in the song slows and transitions into a half time waltz-y underworld of prominent bass and arpeggio picked acoustics.

Layered vocals add to the otherworldly feel, with that fuzzy guitar tone swinging around adding depth before a dainty tinkering rise brings us back home to another verse. 

The nuance and variation of the drumming throughout the track feels live, giving it a great vibrancy and energy and the instrumentation is layered into a shimmering pot of sounds, whilst retaining enough individuality and rawness to really hit the spot.

There’s a series of musical twists and turns throughout which keep the listener engaged and make the return to the musical home of the verses sound ever more satisfying with each listen.

Overall ‘Hazemaze’ is a great slice of indie pop which is sure to brighten your day and I’m excited to hear what forthcoming EP Outsider/Unusual has to offer.

‘Hazemaze’ out Friday 11th December 2020 

EP Outsider/Unusual out 19th February 2020

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SINGLE: ‘Hazemaze’ by Alicia Clara
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