President Street: defying genre and expectations

A tiny pop group from Melbourne couldn’t make it big halfway across the world, right? They couldn’t break the UK across the pond, especially in the year 2020… could they?


Sorry to break it to ya, folks, but it seems like President Street may have, if not completed world domination yet, at least taken a fair few steps on the way there. Recent single ‘Something to Believe’ hit the top 5 of the Music Week Commercial pop charts – right alongside fellow Melbournian (and previous schoolmate of vocalist Ruby) Dannii Minogue.


The group has frequently been praised in the music media for their absolute refusal to be categorised into a singular genre box. Their music mixes elements of pop, soft rock, dance and drum ‘n’ bass, and early 2000s R&B to create a silky smooth sound which perfectly matches Ruby’s honeyed vocals.


2021 promises to be a big year for the duo, as Pete and Ruby have plans to tour and keep making music together until the world rights itself enough for them to come back to the UK, their spiritual home, once again.

President Street: defying genre and expectations
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