Raelle releases her beautiful four-track EP “Wake up Sushine”

South London vocalist Raelle shares her four-track EP Wake up Sunshine. Released via DMY Artists, the EP is a collection of honeyed sonics that simply wash away all the negativity of the day and encourages you to be at peace. Listening to this incredible body of work from Raelle takes you on a journey of self-realisation and explores love, loss and uncertainty. A sweet, euphoric EP that showcases Raelle’s soothing vocal melodies, it’s a hazy blend of neo-soul.

“This project represents the closing of a chapter in my life, and I feel like a completely different person from when I first started the project. Many hurtful things have happened in my life, but I have only grown from them, and they have caused me to see things in a different light and to really appreciate and value what I have. Also, they made me realise that some things just don’t belong in your life, and you need to go out and find what works for you. It is like present me, telling past me, that you need to wake up out of this life that is not right for you; say your goodbyes and move forward to find what it is that is yours. This project represents hope, as I move forward with my future, as well as loss as I say goodbye to people and things that no longer serve me but were once all I ever knew. But tomorrow is a new day, and I can decide what I do with it.”

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Raelle releases her beautiful four-track EP “Wake up Sushine”
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