Megan Dixon Hood releases the celestial track “Third Lung”

Megan Dixon Hood returns with her majestic offering “Third Lung”. A celestial single wrapped in galactic sounds, the single delves into Megan’s explorative alt-pop workings. A track that draws on the influences of folk and dark pop, it’s a track that takes its inspiration from a real life scientific story.

“Third Lung is inspired by Biosphere 2, an experiment from the 90’s where a group of scientists/adventurers decided to live within an earth spaceship, replicating the earth’s ecosystem. They ended up starved of food and oxygen and the experiment was deemed a failure. Biosphere 1, is the earth we already have. I find it so interesting that they tried to create a second ‘world’ to understand the real one.”

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Images by Ella Dixon Hood.

Megan Dixon Hood releases the celestial track “Third Lung”
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