Q&A: Sophie Doyle Ryder

“Music is like a lifeline to me,” says rising Irish pop artist Sophie Doyle Ryder. Aligned with her single ‘Hunni Hunni,’ the singer previews a snippet of her upcoming debut EP. 

Ryder turns to music whenever she needs a pick-me-up, whereas she also intends to share happiness and positivity. Ever since the age of 12, she has explored the whole spectrum of emotions via music, as she wrote her first song about her parents splitting up. 

As a first teaser out of her forthcoming debut EP, Sophie Doyle Ryder releases ‘Hunni Hunni,’ an ultimate party anthem displaying her fun-loving, free-spirited personality. She also speaks on the perks and pits of social media, understanding there will always be trolls.  

In anticipation of her debut project, Sophie Doyle Ryder will perform at a headline gig in Dublin on October 30th, bringing the catchy drum beats of ‘Hunni Hunni’ to life. 

How did you learn to be so authentic in your songwriting at only 19?

I’ve always been very ’emotional’ as some put it. I like exploring human emotions in my song writing so I can explore how it actually feels to be happy, sad, angry or whatever else. I feel that helps me be as authentic as possible because I can only know how emotions make me feel, so it’s all from a super special place in my mind, no one else’s.

What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of being a rising pop star in this DNAge? 

This question splits me because I feel social media fits both an advantage and disadvantage. It’s easier to listen to music than going and buying a record or cd now, so you can see how many people are streaming your stuff like the second they do it! You can see their age range, where they’re from, their gender. Endless help for advertising! But there is as we all know, horrible people behind a lot of keyboards. It can be hard to ignore something negative when every second comment could be. You learn to have tough skin overtime and to shine through it all.

Could you share what kind of hardships music helped you to get over? 

I’ve been writing music since I was 12, and music has helped me through every single thing since. Writing down what you’re feeling on a page is like saying it without saying it. The first song I ever wrote was about my parents splitting, at 12! I always turn to music, no matter if I’m happy or sad it is like a life line to me.

What will be the main message of your upcoming debut EP?

That lives change very quickly lol, there’s a lot of contradictory emotions.

But mainly to be happy, let go of any stresses or anxiety and just listen to music!

‘Hunni Hunni’ is the ultimate party anthem, what were some of the elements you found important to  feature, production and lyrics wise?

The song had to have a good drum beat to it. I wanted to make sure that everybody could dance to it and whenever they wanted to! The lyrics of course had to be party inspired!! Also making it easy going was super important to me!

What are your ultimate party anthems? 

My ultimate party anthems are definitely ‘Bed’ by Raye and ‘Hung Up’ by Madonna.

As your debut project, what are you intending to express?

I want to express happiness. I want people to be happy when they listen to my music! My number one goal is to spread positivity to as many people as possible.

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Q&A: Sophie Doyle Ryder
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