Abergale Bremner shares atmospheric dance anthem ‘Open To Love’

Bursting with energy, excitement and sheer positivity Abergale Bremner captivates with EDM anthem ‘Open to Love’. A foot tapping, synth driven track, Abergale truly shows off her unique vocal tone and production in this track. Combining meaningful lyrics and affirmations with epic electronic production, spacelike synths and bouncing beats, she’s fine tuning her own unique blend of classic EDM with a welcomed fresh twist. Indeed, the combination of classic dance music tropes with a message of authenticity and empowerment makes for a really uplifting  listen.

Not only a bold and capable musical performer, Abergale is also a Global Embodiment Facilitator, Feminine Leadership Coach and uses her music as a means to embody and share her message of empowerment. Abergale is particularly passionate about supporting  women in their journey to reclaim the power of their sensitivity and awaken their sensuality and ownership of pleasure.

Based in Australia, Abergale is a wonderful beacon of change and the example of an artist ready to use their platform to impact positive change.

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Abergale Bremner shares atmospheric dance anthem ‘Open To Love’
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