Q&A: Ruby from President Street

Ruby is one half of Australian pop duo President Street, the sensation from down under who are set to bring their infectious on-stage energy to the UK and Europe next year. We caught up with her to find out more about how the band have been surviving and thriving during lockdown…
Hi Ruby! How are you guys doing and coping with life in Australia right now?
Hi 🙂 We’re going okay thanks. Melbourne is still very much locked down and so things have been pretty tough as we’ve now had over 220 days in strict lockdown since last year, but we’re trying to make the most of what we can and remain positive. Luckily we have some tour plans for 2022 that we’re really excited about as well as our upcoming new single “Heartbreak Player” which we can’t wait to share with you all.
Ruby, can you tell us a little bit about how it feels to be a woman working in the music industry? Best and worst bits?
The best parts for me are firstly having the political and human freedoms to even pursue music as a woman and express myself and my creativity freely as an independent artist (together with Pete, of course). I wasn’t allowed to think about pursuing music as a child so I’m glad, after years of being a bit lost, that I could come back around to my calling and hopefully connect with others through music.
I’m sure many female musicians feel some pressure to look or act in a certain way and so, whilst I love creating and singing, it has been a challenge to put myself out there because by nature I’m a pretty private person. So there’s a challenge for me with social media and photo shoots and, to be honest, something that I need to work on is improving my social media game; but it’s all part of being a musician so it’s a good personal obstacle for me to overcome.
There are so many good parts of this industry and getting the chance to express myself through song is something that I’ve always dreamed of – receiving feedback that our songs have helped people through tough times is very special to me. And of course the people we get to work and interact with – we have a beautiful team of people supporting us as well as our growing fan base who we love.
Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your upcoming single, ‘Heartbreak Player’?
‘Heartbreak Player’ was a fun one to write!
It was inspired by the idea of looking back on times of poor choices in romance and in particular, when you give yourself those pep talks to stop repeating the same mistakes – you know, no more same person with a different face. It’s about when you’re trying to get clear on your boundaries, standards and self-worth and are trying to break those self-destructive patterns. So it’s about the continual progression of growth really and can be interpreted as either still being pulled back into that old pattern or celebrating the euphoric feeling of when you finally get it right and do better (whether real or imagined). We wanted to leave that open so it could be a song for whichever phase of that journey you’re on.
In terms of writing the song itself, the melody of the verse and the full pre-chorus came first. I was conscious of seeming mean saying “l don’t want another video gamer” but we just loved how it rolled so well with the other lyrics and even though video gaming is a legit sport now with massive rewards and a wonderfully socially connected community, it’s more about not wanting a person who’s solely focused and absorbed on one thing than the literal interpretation of those words. The chorus and the rest of the song flowed really quickly from there and overall it was just a fun song to write.
This song will be part of an EP due for release as well. What’s the theme that unites the music/all the tracks on this EP?
Yes it is! We’re excited about releasing the EP.
In terms of the theme, there’s a clear self-reflection, reaffirmation and triumph of self worth shining through I suppose. From “Something to Believe” and “I Found Me” to “Heartbreak Player” they’re all about really looking in the mirror and reminding yourself to be strong enough to accept your path and live the life you want to live.
Finally, what are your hopes for the next year, covid permitting?
SO many hopes and dreams but, first things first, is to get back on the road and engage with audiences. Like so many artists we have had our touring plans hit really hard by covid and, in fact, just last week we had a huge tour support that we were super excited to be part of get postponed to 2023 🙁
But having said that we are absolutely thrilled to be support guests on the amazing Roachford’s “Twice In A Lifetime” UK Tour in May next year. We are so honoured to be touring with such an amazing songwriter, musician and performer and it is an absolute dream come true for us.
And of course we will continue to keep writing and we’re hoping to be able to share an album some time next year too!
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Q&A: Ruby from President Street
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