In recent weeks, artist Matilda Mann from London has been nervously awaiting the release of her newest EP. Titled ‘Sonder’, the masterpiece is composed of 6 tracks. The EP, released on Arista Records, will surely get you in the feels. Matilda has been exceedingly industrious lately. Not only has she performed alongside the likes of Holly Humberston, Beabadoobee, and Dodie, she has also set to perform at her headline show on October the 6th! Following her previously successful EP that accumulated millions of streams, she’s going to make an impact with this one. In this interview, we talk about Matilda’s EP, going on tour with Dodie, and her future plans.

Hey Matilda! How has your week been?

Pretty hectic! Currently halfway through Dodie’s UK tour!! Has been so amazing and her fans are literally the sweetest people ever!

You are releasing your new EP Sonder – How have you been feeling about this? What is your favourite track on the EP?

I think my personal favourite is ‘My Point Of You’. I just kinda love the sass in the lyrics ahah.

It came about so easily. I just immediately knew what I wanted to write about and have always been inspired by the soundtrack of the film Juno, and wanted to writing something in that style. Something you could almost already hear in that type of movie.

What made you decide to centre this EP around the feeling of Sonder?

The definition of ‘sonder’ is – “The realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. For me, during lockdown, I suddenly had all the time in the world to sit back and actually look at how other people lived, in a way I hadn’t thought too before. I think a lot of the world did that too, which is why there were so many protests and the sudden up rise to try to better the world. We were able to look at the whole picture and see what desperately needed to change. Though a lot of the songs are still about love/ break ups/ relationships, they’re all about other people, or from their point of view. I wanted to call the EP ‘Sonder’, mainly just to be a reminder; that the people around you, have a life as big as your own. No less, no more. So, we should keep that in mind, and try to look out for each other. You never know what someone’s going through.

You have already previously released two EPs. What has been different about creating this one?

All these songs were written during the pandemic! So, they’re all pandemic baby tunes ahah. I think I wanted to start going into more of an upbeat side of my music, mainly cause I needed to cheer myself up. Five out of six of the tunes were produced & written with Jonah Summerfield, who I started mainly working with this last year, and we have so many new songs to come! The whole process of getting these songs out was different in every sense because of the circumstances, we had to think in a whole new mindset.

You must be excited to be going on tour with Dodie and performing a headline show of your own soon. How does it feel to be able to perform live again?

I thought I’d be a nervous wreck! But I’m actually just so excited to be playing to people again! I’ve never gotten to meet anyone who’s listened to my music, cause everything started coming out when we couldn’t do shows, so this is the first time there’s some people in the audience who actually know who I am, which is insane!! I can’t express how excited I am for the headline show. It’ll be my first time playing with a band and they’re all amazing people and musicians. It won’t just be a small acoustic gig, we’re gonna be doing so many different kinds of songs, that I’ve never played live, cause they need a band ! I CANT WAIT

One of your most recent tracks, ‘Stranger (for now)’, is based on the relationship between Jim and Pam in the hit show Office. What made you decide to do this?

I looove the Office (both versions!) but I just adore the US one, mainly because of the journey you go on with the relationship between Jim and Pam. As watchers, you can so clearly see they were made for each other, and I think they both knew it too. I loved the concept of the song coming from both their subconscious thoughts, like wondering how long they’d have to wait for them to finally realise they were with the wrong person and if they’d ever actually get to be together.

It has been quite a year for you, but what about next year? Have you got any big plans ahead?

Yesss… heheh. A lotttt. I’m not sure how much I can give away but there’s SO many new songs I’m so proud of and can’t wait to get out. I also believe we’re going to do a headline UK tour in 2022!! Which will be insane. I can’t wait.

Finally, is there anybody you dream of working with in the future?

Ahah loads. Main goals are Still Woozy, Easy Life, Laura Marling, The Staves, Loyle Carner

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