Jayli Wolf shares the powerful “Lead Me”

Indigenous and queer artist Jayli Wolf shares the bass-throbbing new single “Lead Me”. With her husky vocals and electronic-infused backdrop, the track explores overcoming our inner demons. It’s a whirring alt-pop track that loops heavy drum thuds and eery harmonies to create something very powerful.

“‘Lead Me’ is about temptation and addiction. It’s about knowing how good a person or a substance can make you feel but at the same time being aware that you need to fight the desire for your own self-preservation. I gave so much of my energy and life to addiction, and it was terribly difficult to fight, to no longer let it lead me. Addiction is about survival. I wanted to escape my reality because I didn’t have the tools to change it. Temporary highs can be so enticing, but the cost is always higher. The video for the song illustrates being trapped by your proverbial demons, and for myself, finding healing through reclaiming my culture and taking my power back—breaking free from the chains of my past.”

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Jayli Wolf shares the powerful “Lead Me”
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