Q&A: Luna Morgenstern

German-born, Amsterdam-based songwriter, producer and engineer Luna Morgenstern recently shared her new single “In My Head”. Taken from her debut EP Taking The Blow which is out in June, the track is an elegant single that captures her mellow, but insanely intricate sounds. We caught up with Luna to chat about the single, pop music and her go-to karoke track.

Hey Luna, how’s your week been?

Intense! I was so nervous for the release, I only slept for a few hours the night before, I was running on adrenaline and caffeine, trembling hands, dropping things, you get the deal. But it was mostly positive you know, I was just so excited to finally share something that is entirely my own with the world and at the same time nervous about how people would react to it.

You’ve just released the brilliant new single “In My Head”, tell us more about it.

I wrote “In My Head” at the beginning of the first lockdown. To me it captures that feeling of being trapped inside your room with only your thoughts as a companion. Being a chronic over thinker and perfectionist with everything I do, those first few weeks in lockdown were very confronting. Having no distraction whatsoever, I had time to face some things that I had locked up deep within. Writing “In My Head” helped me confront my escapism and brought some trapped emotions to the surface, it was a very liberating process.

The track is a super lovely pop track that really showcases your artistry. How does pop music enable you to express yourself better than perhaps other genres?

That’s very kind of you to say! It’s a hard one, because I honestly don’t think in genres. One of the things I love most about songwriting is that you can switch personalities (or genres if you will) with every song that you write. It’s why I love writing for other people, because you can break your common patterns and try new things. I love this flexibility and thats why I think of myself as genre-fluid: I just love making music you know : )

It’s built upon some really lovely sonics, what inspires your sound?

I am mostly inspired by musicians I admire. Recently I have been addicted to Oklou, Caroline Polachek, Sega Bodega… I’m striving to become a better producer with every song I write and the way I do that is by trying to recreate sounds or beats that I find interesting and progressive. Usually I fail and something entirely different comes out of these attempts, which then quickly escalates into my own thing and then into a song. It’s a game of trial and error, skipping through sounds, tweaking them, sampling my voice or youtube videos and creating synths out of them. It’s a very playful process really that I easily get lost in.

Your debut EP “Taking The Blow” is out in July, what can we expect from that?

An emotional rollercoaster.

What was the first album you ever bought?

It must have been “Live In Berlin” by Blümchen. I was six years old and I begged my dad for weeks to get it for me, I remember him bringing it one day when he came home from being on tour. I was out of my mind and played it for weeks on repeat (poor dad). I still pretty much love all the songs haha. That also explains my love for hyper pop I guess.

Finally, what’s your go-to karaoke song?

Betty Davis Eyes, because of the instant drama it and because it makes my voice break a little bit, which makes me feel like an 80’s pop rock queen, definitely not a bad feeling.

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Q&A: Luna Morgenstern
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1 Comment

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