Alana Maria releases the new single “Chargie” with Midas the Jagaban

West London’s R&B artist Alana Maria shares the new single “Chargie”. Featuring afro pop artist Midas the Jagaban, the track infuses neo-soul into its R&B grooves to perfect a single that is summer-ready. Alana’s soulful, expressive sounds rooted in pop make for an incredible listen. Add this straight to all your playlists.

“I was originally working on a chorus for another artist which didn’t go into production so I decided to do a little more work on it and use it for one of my songs. I was travelling to Birmingham with family and was listening to Nines album Crabs in the Bucket for the first time and as soon as I heard the track ‘Ringaling’ I was instantly caught by the emotional production and as always, started singing a chorus to it which was later to become the chorus for ‘Chargie’. It worked so perfectly I knew I had to finish the song so I called my producer Mike and went into the studio the following day and created the full track.”

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Alana Maria releases the new single “Chargie” with Midas the Jagaban
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