Q&A Interview: Lucy Gaffney

Any artist already receiving praise from the likes of Liam Gallagher in the early stages of their career certainly deserves a mention.

Born in Belfast, Lucy Gaffney has since moved to Liverpool, where she continues to delight listeners with both her original songs and acoustic covers of her favourite tracks.

The alt-pop artist’s recently released debut EP, In The Air, features an ethereal mix of soaring melodies and charming vocals.

It includes a moving, stripped-back version of her debut track ‘Can’t Escape’, which discusses the rawness of unrequited love.

We spoke to Lucy Gaffney to find out more about her latest EP, working with James Skelly (The Coral), and her goals for the future. 

Who, or what, sparked your interest in the music industry?

Music’s been the biggest part of my life right from when I was a little kid, I always used to be obsessed with albums even if I didn’t really GET what I was listening to.

I’d feel so buzzed listening to my Walkman and be like ‘I’m totally gonna do that one day’.

Your debut single ‘Can’t Escape’ received wide acclaim and saw your Spotify and Instagram followers soar, how did it feel to have such a successful reaction to your first release?

It’s been pretty crazy, like I’m so happy people were into what I’m making. I’ve had that song recorded for a while and I couldn’t wait to put it out.

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What was the songwriting process and working with producer, James Skelly (The Coral) like on ‘Can’t Escape’?

I wrote it a few years back so when I took it to James it was pretty stripped back.

He was like, ‘this is cool let’s get a massive vibe going’.

Once we got the structure down we tried to capture a kind of Radiohead/Arcade Fire feel with the guitars and drums.

You’ve recently released your In The Air EP, which includes an acoustic version of ‘Can’t Escape’, and a cover of DMA’s, The Stone Roses and Oasis.

How did you choose which songs to include and cover?

I just really liked playing those songs acoustic in my own style.

People seemed to love the videos I put up of them, so I thought it’d be kind of cool to record them in my studio properly during lockdown for something extra to have online before my second single drops.

How did it feel to have your cover of ‘Songbird’ shared and described as “celestial” by Liam Gallagher?

That was pretty cool haha. I remember a fan messaged me the morning after I released it saying ‘you know Liam’s been talking about your cover?!’ Best compliment ever.


How have you found the Liverpool music scene in comparison to your hometown of Belfast?

Liverpool’s ALL about the music for sure, living and breathing it.

You can’t turn a street corner without hearing a busker or a pub blasting tunes everyday of the week.

Belfast has a great music scene too but I feel like there isn’t as much of a young band culture throughout the city unless there’s a festival on or something.

There are some great nights and venues in Belfast but I think the scene needs to be embraced more.

Aside from music, how have you been keeping busy during lockdown?  

I’ve been pretty busy with my music to be fair but apart from that I’ve done a a good bit of gardening and cooking – pretty proud of all the herbs and fruit I’ve grown.

Do you have any more releases planned for this year?

Yeah totally! I’ve got a single coming out in a few weeks and then there’s plenty more on the way after that.

I’m keeping it kind of hush hush at the minute but let’s just say the best has yet to come.

What are your goals for the future?

Touring non-stop if I can once gigs start properly again. I wanna play Glastonbury so bad!

What would you like listeners to take away from your music?

I just want my music to make people feel, music’s all about the buzz it gives you, so if people dig what I’m making I’m pretty proud of that.

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Q&A Interview: Lucy Gaffney
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