Single Review: ‘Bleeding Heart’ by Anna Bea

More than your typical love song or heartbreak ballad, ‘Bleeding Heart’ from Anna Bea is a harrowing song.

Its joyous vocal and upbeat tempo, for example, do everything but match the tragic subject matter.

The beginning of the song could potentially qualify as one of a multitude of Anti-Fuckboy-Anthems in the lines: “Said it’s the last time, then it became a past time.”

The lyrics leave listeners screaming “NO! Don’t go back there girl!” at their stereos.

Poignantly, the subject is not revealed at the start of the song, in order for us to go through the motions with the protagonist, falling in love and not noticing the red flags.

With a clue in the title, ‘Bleeding’ hints to more than a metaphorical meaning, but physical abuse.

“The tears have dried but the scars remain”, is where we learn the gruelling truth of domestic abuse.

The mental trauma, PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome that are all quite often not spoken about when recounting domestic abuse are integral to the victim’s escape and recovery.

She opens and ends the song on the same line: “your words are fire but your kisses are angels”, structurally proving that hindsight is 20/20, as well as pointing out the most valuable lesson in all of this: appearances can deceive.

She didn’t know she was playing with ‘fire’ when she encountered the seemingly ‘angelic’, as she states herself.

“This song is about a toxic relationship – that moment when you want to leave but your innate fear of being alone draws you back into a destructive love,” says Anna.

Bea raises these issues so poetically that it is commendable, and she doesn’t diminish the struggle nor does she romanticise the abuse.

She perfectly encapsulates the story of a survivor by making their voice heard through her empathetic lyricism.

Anna Bea is donating a portion of the proceeds raised from ‘Bleeding Heart’ to charity Women’s Aid.

To find out more about Women’s Aid visit

To find out more about Anna Bea visit:


Single Review: ‘Bleeding Heart’ by Anna Bea
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