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Releasing her The State of Things EP at the beginning of the pandemic, Lucia & The Best Boys may have not timed it to their best interests. Known for their incredible live performances, Lucia was unable to tour the EP and give it the real push it deserved. Returning to the festival circuit recently at Latitude, it’s clear that Lucia’s energy is even more compelling than before, and the EP finally gets to be showcased to large crowds in full volume. We caught up with Lucia to chat about the past year and getting back on the road.

Hey Lucia, how have you been?

Busy and excited for things to come!

You released your EP The State of Things at the start of the pandemic, which now feels like ages ago! How has it been releasing at the start of the madness?

It was the main thing which kept me going through out lockdown and helped me to stay in a positive mindset, but playing live has always been an important aspect for us and creates a much stronger connection with the music and other people than social media, so finding other ways to create that connection was challenging.

Tell us more about the EP – what inspired it?

As I’ve grown up the songs become much more personal to me and what I’m experiencing. As you grow up you’re music / writing goes on that journey with you and I think I’ve learnt to be a lot more vulnerable in my music through feeling more vulnerable in situations that have happened in my life over the course of the last three years. Writing The State of Things was a very cathartic experience and also the best reaction we’ve had to any release so far, which I think says a lot about being very honest and relatable lyrically.

What was it like releasing a big body of work without being able to do the usual tour run around it?

I think 2021 was supposed to be a pretty good year for a lot of artists/ a lot of our friends who are on the same boat. We definitely had lots planned but I think having had that taken away from us for a full year has only made us more determined to come back even better than before, and to play this EP live for the first time I think will be an even bigger release than people having just sat and listened to it in their homes.

You’re playing some amazing festivals this year and also supporting HMLTD, Sports Team and Dream Wife on tour! The rest of the year is going to be busy for you. What part are you looking forward to the most? 

I’m just really excited to have that feeling back of being in a big sweaty room full of people, performing and also the excitement of watching others and feeling so inspired, I’ve really missed that.

You also recently perfomed at Latitude! What was it like being back in the festival environment? 

We were in the studio for days on the lead up to our first performance in 15 months, not one song from the set had been played live and  it was only when we actually got onto the stage at Latitude I think we really realised how much we’d missed it and how much energy we had built up inside of us. Being able to connect to songs in your own space is amazing, but being able to bring all these people  together in one space and create an atmosphere filled with hundreds of different feelings and emotions is so powerful and rewarding and we were so blown away by the response considering not many of the songs had been heard before, it was such a release. When something you love and enjoy so much is taken away from you, you only want it more, so I think that the run of shows we have coming up will be the best we’ve had yet.

How has the pandemic impacted your artistry? Are there things you’re excited to start doing again?

I think everyone has learnt a lot about themselves this year. For me I feel more at peace with myself than ever before and like I said, have been finding it easier to show other sides of myself through music and I’m looking forward to sharing that with all the people who have been following us.

What other artists have been keeping you sane recently?

I’m bad for latching onto certain artists and rinsing them on repeat for a long time. I’ve really enjoyed re visiting some music from my childhood but some newer releases I have enjoyed is Teddy Geiger, Cherry Glazerr, King Princess and Perfume Genius.

And finally, what other female artists are killing it right now?

There are so many. Most of the artists I’ve mentioned above, The new Wolf Alice album was extremely euphoric and beautiful! Jessica Winter, who I’ve been working with recently, she’s extremely multi talented and has such a special unique way of writing and producing music.

Thanks for chatting to us!

Check out Lucia & The Best Boys’ EP above. You can also catch them on tour over the autumn/winter with Twin Atlantic, The Ninth Wave, Sports Team and HMLTD.

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Q&A: Lucia & The Best Boys
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