Video Premiere | French For Rabbits share the ethereal yet eery single “Ouija Board”

French for Rabbits are a band who make music for those who want to escape the mundanities of reality and drift off into a world of swirling dream-pop. On their new single “Ouija Board”, the track delves into folk intimacies to create a single glimmering with small obscurities that make an intricate pop track. With a silky smooth back beat that encourages you to drift off into an ethereal soundscape, French For Rabbits have created a track that helps us to beat the weekday scaries.

Paired with eery black and white visuals that showcase a set of characters enticing us into their world. Crossing over from the simplistic yet mundane black and white world into a environement drenched in colour offers a comforting visual. As a band, French For Rabbits hold something very special in their ability to inject the quirky into the ordinary. “Ouija Board” is a stunning single & the video is just as brilliant.

“When trying to explain our song ‘Ouija Board’, the closest I can get is that it is like laughing at a funeral. There is always comedy in the greatest tragedies. It walks the line between despair and a dry amusement at the state of it all. The song started out as a spooky folk song. I loved the esoteric idea of an ouija board, and the near-impossible nature of trying to communicate to the dead through it. I don’t actually mention the ouija board in the lyrics anymore, that part of the song disappeared in later renditions. We added some Beatles-esque piano, some jagged electric guitar and some winding organs that are reminiscent of the Addams Family.”

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Video Premiere | French For Rabbits share the ethereal yet eery single “Ouija Board”
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