Q&A: Liv Dawson

We spoke to the talented singer-songwriter Liv Dawson about her latest single, music and what’s coming next.

Congratulations on the success of your latest single, what would you say is the recipe for a quintessentially “Liv Dawson” song?

when I’m writing a song, I make sure we write it about something really meaningful, even if that particular thing hasn’t happened to me, I make sure it means something special. Then I base the song on how I’m feeling and add harmonies, cool effects and most of the time, some guitar!

‘Pushing 21’ seems to be motivational track about achieving a lot by such a young age, but what was the drive behind creating such an inspirational song on growth?

The song is based on disconnecting relationships that are toxic and aren’t benefitting anyone. It’s about putting yourself in situations and not feeling bad about cutting people off that aren’t helping you/are pulling you down.

Who is your listener to you? and how would you describe the person who you are writing for?

The listener to Pushing 21 is anyone who’s doubted mine or anybody else’s work ethic or just doubted me in general. It’s about empowering whoever’s listening! 

Your lyrics are very relatable and widely comprehended in our generational climate of a social media driven world, what’s the song writing process like for you when writing so introspectively?

Talking about everything that is currently happening in my life and anybody else’s life is really important while I’m writing about such a specific subject. That way the lyrics will naturally flow out, more like a conversation, which is what I wanted to include in Pushing 21. 

Where do you draw influence from? What would you say influences your music the most?

My main influences (vocally) come from a lot of powerful female vocalists. Etta James, Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse. And my music influences are definitely a lot of newer sounds and more pop based. I tend to listen to a lot of Taylor swift when I’m making music, as I love max martin’s way of creating anthemic songs people can shout/sing/belt to at live shows. 

You have quite a few famous fans, Sam Smith, Nina Nesbitt, and SG Lewis to name a few, but who are you personally a fan of? And who of your own favourite artists would you say shaped your sound the most?

I absolutely love new music, and I’m currently a massive fan of an artist called ‘Graace’. She’s really talented, and has a lot of really cool sounds in her songs. Her lyrics are so beautiful aswell.

‘Good Intentions’ has some of the more experimental beats which seem to transport your style to the more house and dance side of the genre spectrum, is this particular venture one that you are particularly interested in?

The production of Good Intentions reflects the meaning of the song a lot. And when we were creating it we wanted it to explode in the chorus just like the lyrics are saying! I love performing good intentions live so I’d definitely experiment with the sounds again, but my songs are now going towards more of a pop genre.

‘Pushing 21’ seems to be the “big sister” of the ‘Bedroom’ EP, was the response and progression in the new music an intentional message to be decoded?

Pushing 21 is the first song I’ve released without anyone behind me. I’ve released it on my own & it felt like a big step for me. I feel it’s a new start and definitely wanted that to go noticed. My audience has received it much more amazingly than I thought it would ever be received!

The lyrics ‘you can’t keep up with my pace’ teases at future releases you have up your sleeve, what can we expect to see next from Liv Dawson?

I’ve been in the studio writing lots of new music and I’m so ready to share it! So lots new music & eventually an album! I’m also working on doing some live shows of my own and I’m super excited! 

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Q&A: Liv Dawson
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