Get to know… JENN

JENN is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Now based in London, the independent artist is making waves, thanks to her intoxicating brand of dark electro-pop.

After falling in love with music when she performed at her school’s talent show at age thirteen, JENN swiftly became interested in dark electro-pop thanks to the likes of Lorde, Halsey and Charli XCX.

Coming from a Nigerian-Irish background, where young girls and women are scolded for speaking their minds, JENN plans on breaking that mould. Having noticed a lack of black irish female pop artists, this inspired JENN to become an artist herself. In hopes of one day becoming a musician that inspires other young people to pursue music.

The teenager’s empowered lyricism onĀ  debut tune ‘Single’ is awe-inspiring. Second single, ‘Sober Up’, is an honest and enthralling piece of pop-tinged electronica.

Authentic, uncensored and fresh. If JENN wasn’t on your radar before, she most certainly will be now.

For fans of: AlunaGeorge, Lykke Li, Lorde, Charli XCX

Best track: ‘Sober Up’

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Featured image by Shannon Fahy.

Get to know… JENN
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