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Rising scandi artist Lilly Ahlberg dropped her new track “Young Forever” today. Drawing on her ambitious elements of scandi pop and combining them with an infusion of dance traits, the track elevates Lilly to the next level. We had a quick chat with Lilly prior to the release to discuss all things inspiration, songs that make you want to dance and working with Sonny Federa.

Hey Lilly, how’s the start of the year been for you so far?

Hello! It has been a really good start of the year for me. I’m feeling very happy and excited about the year ahead especially now that we are seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel regarding the pandemic. I’ve been focusing on taking care of my health – the mental and the physical. I’ve also been going a lot easier on myself, allowing myself to rest and be a bit lazy! I write music when I feel inspired and when I don’t, I don’t and that’s ok! I also just recently turned 25 so I’ve been celebrating lots with my family and friends which has been so so lovely.

Tell us about your new single “Young Forever”.

Young Forever was written together with Jonny Hockings, Matt Newman and Hannah Wilson. We actually wrote this song a few years ago back when I was still quite new to living in London. We wrote it as a pop song which Sonny Fodera then added his magic to to create this groovy house track. I love how it’s turned out and I’m so excited about it! As for what the song is about, it’s about wanting to stay in the stage of having a crush on someone. You feel young and all giggly. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

It’s a really cool hybrid of dance and pop, was it a conscious decision to blend the two?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision, but since the song was written originally as a pop song, with a pop production, it’s kept that quality in this new version. I think that the pop and dance sound goes really well together. The new dance production really adds something special to this song. It feels fresh and unique.

“Young Forever” is produced by Sonny Fodera who you’ve teamed up with before. What’s the best part of collaborating with someone?

I think collaborating with people usually takes songs to the next level. Sometimes you need outside ears to listen and adjust. Sonny is extremely talented and I’m so lucky to be able to work with him. He hears new melodies that really add value to the songs.

You’ve lived in a variety of countries including the UK, Sweden and Australia. Where have you found the most inspiration?

Australia definitely was a place that inspired me musically. I really loved the folky indie stripped back music they created over there. It’s very chill and emotional which I love. Living in the UK has also inspired me and motivated me, especially from working with so many talented people. Sweden I will always see as my home, and I love coming back to Sweden and being in nature and by the ocean. It really grounds me and relaxes me which also sparks a lot of inspiration!

What are you looking forward to doing the most this year?

I’m looking forward to being able to perform again the most, and the traveling that comes with it. I know the government haven’t really made any promises BUT I’ve decided to think positively, so  hopefully I will be able to get on that stage again soon and do what I love!

What’s the one song that makes you want to hit the dancefloor?

I am obsessed with Starry Night by Peggy Gou. I think she is so bloody cool. I love everything she does and the energy she has around her. I’d love to see her DJ sometime when the clubs are back open! A collaboration with her in the future would be a dream come true.

And finally, what’s one song we should be adding to our playlists right now?

When it comes to dance music, I’m loving Cappadocia by Ben Böhmer and Romain Garcia. It’s one of the best songs to go out in the forest and run to, you feel kind of invincible when you listen to it. Like you’re flying above the clouds. To throw a non dance song in too, I’m also loving Ben Howard’s new single “Far Out” – so happy he’s releasing new music as I love everything he does. I can see myself chilling on the beach in the sun this summer with this in my headphones! 

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Q&A: Lilly Ahlberg
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