Q&A: Madsius Ovanda

Berlin-based duo Madsius Ovanda are made up of long-term friends Pia Ovanda and Carina Madsius. With their glittering dream-pop soundscapes and irresistable vocal talent, the pair are an exciting force in the pop sphere. We caught up with them to find out more about their latest single “I Survived” and their forthcoming album.

Hey both! Tell us how you become the brilliant pairing you are today.

Hey! First of all: Thanks! We met at a party when we were both studying music and just hit it off right away. Shortly after moving in together we wrote our first songs as a duo. It felt like it was meant to be. We’ve been personal and musical companions ever since.

You have full control over your musical output. Do you think having that control is important for you as artists?

Definitely. It became more and more clear to us over the years. As songwriters and producers we have a sonic and emotional vision for each song. If we take every step in the process of creation from the first chord to the final mix ourselves, we can actually bring the sound that we envision to life. We can give each little element its meaning in the composition. Also it can be hard or even limiting to try to put a certain vibe or a musical feeling into words, but when you’re turning the knobs yourself, you know when you’re getting there.

Your music is always so lush but also so poignant, how would you describe your sound?

Unavoidably our sound is an eclectic mix of everything we’ve been influenced by over the years. We feel like Dream Pop/Indie Pop is a good way to describe the feel of the music overall. Though it’s layered with many different genres we’re fond of or have studied over the years like RnB, Classical Music, Jazz, Experimental Music, Electronic Music and many more, which surely reflect in our sound.

You recently released your new single “I Survived”. It quite eerily reflects certain aspects of life at the moment. What was the main inspiration for writing the song?

It’s true that I Survived and the lyrics relate to these times: the consequences and uncertainties that come with the pandemic. But the main inspirations lie further back. The lyrics were the result of a conversation we had about finding our place as musicians in society, as women in music and especially female songwriters and producers in this industry. But not only finding our place, but standing our ground and taking our space. It felt like we needed to take a step back to see the whole picture and ask ourselves what we really want. What’s our truth? Where’s our boundaries? It can take some time to realize you’ve made many choices to make others happy instead of taking care of yourself and this song was going to be our turning point out of this pattern. We’d love for I Survived to be the soundtrack of empowering moments, of finding your voice, of releasing yourself from relationships that aren’t good for you and reclaiming your authenticity.

The track is taken from your forthcoming album, what can we expect from the LP?

Our upcoming album feels very personal. The lyrics are more raw, the sound is more authentic and the stories are the birth of real conversations. The songs are all written by us and produced and mixed by Carina. You can expect a colorful sound exhibition, a diversity of musical impressions, warm synths, personal lyrics, big rooms, vocal harmonies and an honest approach of making this album about the music and the messages. Throughout the album we want to tell a storyline. We wish for the audience to connect with and accompany this person through various emotional states.

You also have a tour booked for May – how excited are you to get back on the road?

Yes, so far we’re still planning on our May tour! *fingerscrossed* We can’t even put into words how much we miss touring. We recently saw some photos and footage of our previous tours and talked about how much we love being on the road and sharing these unique moments that only arise at live shows with everyone.

You’ve been very strong in vocalising your support for women, who are you favourite female artists at the moment?

There’s so many, but to name a few there’s Laura Mvula, The Japanese House, Lianne La Havas, Christine And The Queens, Jazmine Sullivan, Hélène Grimaud, Phoebe Bridgers and many more…

Thanks so much for talking to us!

Thank you for having us!

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Photo Credit: Celeste Call

Q&A: Madsius Ovanda
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