Q&A: Laurel on forthcoming new EP “Limbo Cherry”

LAUREL is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter from Southampton. The artist crafts immersive alt-pop tunes that will captivate you from the moment you press play. So it’s no wonder that LAUREL has nearly one-million monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, the fast-rising musician is back with her new single “You’re The One” which is taken from the forthcoming EP “Limbo Cherry”. This recently announced EP is the followup and spiritual successor to 2020s acclaimed “Petrol Bloom” EP.

We spoke to LAUREL all about the new single & EP, growing as an artist and more.

Hey LAUREL! First things first, it is so exciting to have new music from you! ‘You’re The One’ is the first single from your upcoming EP, ‘Limbo Cherry’ and we are loving it. Can you tell us a bit about what the song means to you?

I wrote this wanting to create a really lighthearted love song but it has a sort of darker tone underneath which shines light on addictions. To me the song shows how we can choose someone or something at any given time to be our crutch when we are in need. Its a strong passionate feeling but really quite empty and transparent. 

‘Limbo Cherry’ is set to be a direct follow up to ‘Petrol Bloom’, with each EP one half of a whole. Did you make a conscious decision to create an album in two parts, or was the link something you discovered while you were writing the second EP?

Yes this was always my intention. I wanted to first half (Petrol bloom) to represent the more fiery, angsty and driven side of myself whilst the 2nd side (limbo cherry) is set to show the more youthful and emotional side, full of longing.

It goes without saying that it’s been quite the year for us all, but it appears that in the past twelve months you’ve had a real journey, allowing for a lot of growth for you as an artist. Could you tell us about your experiences from the past year?

I’ve moved around a lot between LA, south or France and London. I got stuck with out a home whilst orchestrating a move to the US. So it was definitely a strange year, but whilst a lot of my friends got to spend more time chilling I was in quite an uncomfortable position between places and I think that really pushed me on to create more. It also meant I got to write in some pretty unique places. I wrote Limbo cherry whilst in Provence. I found myself renting a large music hall off one of the neighbours in the town. I can’t imagine I ever would have had the space to do that if the world wasn’t on lockdown.

You have described ‘Limbo Cherry’ as a bit lighter than your previous works, and the feel good ethereal banger ‘You’re The One’ really demonstrates this. So what can we expect from the rest of your EP, and how do you feel it sits alongside your previous works?

I actually think limbo cherry links up with some of my first releases. Whilst it has a light tone to it with the production, tracks like Let go and drown in sunlight are really passionate and remind me a lot of my 18 year old self. We’ve brought back some of the strings from my previous recordings and the sound is big and luscious. Themes of love are obviously still relevant as with most of my songs. 

You have spent time writing and recording in some amazing places, from a small Provence in France to the sunny coast of California, but where has been your favourite place to write and record? And is there anywhere you dream of doing so in the future?

Definitely the music hall in Provence. It was totally gorgeous and had a very special energy. I’d love to spend more time in the desert. I visited death valley & Joshua tree last year and felt a really urge to create something there.

Many of us have really turned to music for an escape during the lockdowns, who are some of the artists that have kept you going through lockdown? Are there any new artists we should be keeping our eyes on?

I’ve pretty much been listening to Chico Buarque for the whole of the pandemic. I briefly changed to some of the songs of Los jilgueros del pico after watching narcos Mexico but now I’m back with chico my one true musical love. Always keeping me calm.

As we head (hopefully) back to normality, what are you most looking forward to doing again?

Travelling. I have a very impulsive and spontaneous energy. All this planning is a lot. I just wanna book a flight tomorrow and end up some place new. Maybe I wouldn’t feel like going anywhere tomorrow but the feeling of not being able to makes me feel quite stuck. 

Lastly, something that I know everyone is super excited about is the return of festivals this summer, so if you were to curate a festival, who would your three main stage headliners be?

Well, Chico of course, John caroll Kirby and teddy geiger. Might be a bit of a strange line up but guess thats why I’m not in the festival business.

Listen to “Let Go” by LAUREL:

Featured image by Lewis Vorn

Q&A: Laurel on forthcoming new EP “Limbo Cherry”
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