Q&A: Laura Oakes

Liverpool country singer-songwriter Laura Oakes has recently shared her brilliant new single ‘Welcome To The Family’ and on the back of the tracks official release the rising British talent has announced a string of headline tour dates for 2020. Here we speak to Laura to discuss the track and forthcoming UK tour.

Your new single Welcome To The Family is out now, how are you finding the response so far?

The response has actually been overwhelming! People seem to be really enjoying it both here and in the USA which is completely amazing! I think it’s because it’s a song about family and how weird they can be and so many people can relate to it.

You’ve been performing the track across Festival appearances, what made you decide to officially release it at this point?

It was getting a great response at festivals and so I wanted people to be able to hear it not just when we play it live. And I really wanted to record it!

What is the main inspiration behind the track?

It was written by three brilliant Nashville-based writers who I have written a lot of my songs with. At the end of a session, they played it to me to see if I might like to sing it and within 30 seconds I needed to record it! It felt like it had been written about my family.

What are you hoping fans take from the song?

I hope that it will give people a laugh and realise families are the most interesting, weird but wonderful miniature universes but we all have them for better or worse and the weirdness is something to be proud of. It what makes your family uniquely yours – and I think that’s quite special.

Do you have any plans to release an official music video for the single?

I would LOVE to – I have loads of ideas swirling around in my head and I’d love to get all of my actual family involved as they often have made cameos in my stuff before so I’d love to get them involved again!

You’ve also announced your UK tour, how excited are you about hitting the road next year?

So excited! Playing live is just the best thing ever – every performance is different, that moment will never happen again and I just love knowing that.

Is there one city in particular you’re most excited about performing in?

Obviously playing in my home-town is always a special one so I’m looking forward to Liverpool- but I’m honestly looking forward to all of them!

What can fans expect from your headline set?

Lots of new music, the new single of course – quite an intimate show this time to as we’re gonna do it quite stripped back – which is one of my favourite ways of playing live. The focus will be very much on the songwriting this time around.

Do you have any pre show rituals?

I have to have a least 2-3 minutes completely to myself just to be quiet before I go on and get myself in the headspace but that’s the only thing I think.

What’s your most and least favourite things about being on tour?

Most favourite – seeing new places – new cities or new countries. Least – tiredness probably but if that’s all I have to complain about I consider myself very lucky!

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Q&A: Laura Oakes
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