SINGLE REVIEW: ‘In A Year’ By Izzie Derry

If you are looking for a sweeping melancholic anthem to tide you through the Christmas period then look no further than Izzie Derry’s Christmas single ‘In A Year’.

Opening with chiming guitars that give enough of a festive feel without being cliche and over done, the song swings through a warm production of acoustics, keyboards and percussion.

Lyrically the opening verses address  the universal feeling of a year thats gone by too quickly, and the self reflection that often comes around in those dark winter months.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and Izzie reminds the listener of the year’s success despite everything (“look how far you’ve come, and everything you’ve done, and aint it fun to think, of where we’re heading next”).

The final verses highlight some important lessons learnt, emphasised by the minimal instrumentation, allowing room before the song takes off into the soaring closing chorus.

It’s huge sounding, with all the band stepping it up a gear and some layered harmonies fleshing out and emphasising the melody.

Izzie Derry has proved once again with this release her songwriting prowess, excelling in taking the listener on a storytelling journey of doubt, reflection and more importantly, hope. 

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SINGLE REVIEW: ‘In A Year’ By Izzie Derry
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