Q&A: Kirsty McEwen from Admissions

Admissions, an Essex-based five-piece band, are all about the music; from stand-out guitar riffs to big solos, there is no doubt that the band are ready to set the stage alight in 2021. We talk live-shows, BBC Introducing and new projects (watch this space…) with Admissions’ frontwomen, Kirsty McEwen.

Hi Kirsty, thanks for taking the time to sit down with LOCK. First things first, tell us more about Admissions, how did the band get together?

Hey Sam, thanks for having us! The band started late 2019 just before the pandemic which was originally me, Jack, Max and Rob as a four piece. We did a couple of gigs just before everything locked down but during the pandemic we decided we wanted to add to fill our sound our more and add another dynamic to the mix! Soo we asked Joe to join as an extra guitarist, from then we changed our name from Midnight Innovation to ADMISSIONS. We have known each other for a very long time, since school Me, Jack, Rob and Max have been in multiple bands together and me and Joe was at uni in a couple of different bands, so luckily we all know each other really well.

For new listeners, which other artists/bands would you say are Admissions’ biggest influences?

I’d say ADMISSIONS biggest influences are Biffy Clyro, The Pretty Reckless and Arctic Monkeys which explains why we are always writing big solo’s and chunky bass riffs.

What inspires the sound of Admissions? Who writes your tracks and what inspires them?

We always start off with a guitar riff which either Joe, Jack or Rob have written at home then in practice we all work around it together to form a full song. It’s funny because everyone’s influences are very different which is what I think can make some of our songs a little unique. We all work on the songs together, even lyrics, we all have ideas especially if I have written some, the guys then chip in to say their ideas and what they like. No song has every been written the same way…

It was great to hear your song, ‘Cloned’, on BBC Introducing Essex this Spring, and we know you’ve been featured on the show previously. What is it like hearing your track on the radio?

It is honestly the most rewarding feeling hearing one of your songs being played on BBC Introducing. We worked so hard on ‘Cloned’ so hearing it being appreciated on the radio and having all the positive feed back makes it worth while.

Your music videos are amazing (we love the video for ‘Kill The Switch’), which was the most fun to film and why? Where do you get video inspiration from?

I’d say the most fun we had was with our Kill The Switch video, we wanted something spooky as Halloween was coming up and I LOVE Halloween so I wanted creepy makeup and a creepy setting. The make up side of things makes it extra fun, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of Halloween make up now and then?! Megan and Chloe Eves who helped us out with that deserve a massive mention. Myself and Jack were living in my grandparents abandoned house in the middle of no where at the time, so luckily we could use it for a spooky Halloween setting.

How did the band spend their time in lockdown? Were you able to make plans for the future of Admissions or write new tracks?

Lockdown was actually really good for us. As we had only started at the beginning of the year, lockdown gave us the time to write our new songs and record the demos. We even recorded our own tune ‘Wasted’ at home along with the music video and managed to get that released. We was even able to start making contacts with people via social media like Alyx play punk, who has been a huge help when it came to releasing our new tunes.

We can see from your Instagram that you guys are back playing live! How did it to feel to play your first show after so long?

We have had two gigs so far 1st one Hot Box Chelmsford and the 2nd Poco Loco in Kent. Both gigs were sold out and were AMAZING. It just felt so so good to be back playing to people again and finally getting to show everyone our new tunes that we have been working so hard on. It was the first time as band we’ve been able to see how people react to the songs live.

What’s your favourite song to play live and why?

My favourite song to play live is one of our new ones Aqua Tofana. This tune is built around riff driven guitars and we wanted a chorus that really punches and gets peoples attention! This is also written around a Halloween story which is why I love it so much. The lyrics are based on a story from the 17th century where a women was fed up of her evil husband so she invented a poison (Aqua Tofana) which killed all evil husbands. Sounds awful… but a brilliant idea to for writing song lyrics and the music video will be super fun for this! We can’t wait to be able to share this one soon.

Where can we catch Admissions live this summer? Do you have any plans to record more tracks?

Our next gig is at The Fiddlers Elbow – Camden on October 16th which is a headline gig for us which we’re extremely excited about! We’re hoping to have a few more booked up locally before then as we’re in contact with The Three Wise Monkeys – Colchester which would be a brilliant gig! At the moment every band in the world is trying to book gig now everything has opened up, which docent make it easy!

We actually have our first big project that we have been working on which will mean all of our newest tracks are going to be released including Aqua Tofana. We’re currently working on release dates so keep an eye out as this includes some of our biggest riff driven songs and we are super excited!!

Thanks for chatting with us!

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Q&A: Kirsty McEwen from Admissions
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