Q&A: Ella Rosa

Ella Rosa truly is a musical force to be reckoned with. Although one would describe her as a “rising artist,” her artistry, music & creative direction is in comparison to many industry heavyweights who have an entire team and label behind them. Hailing from England, raised in New York, and now based in sunny LA, the pop/R&B singer-songwriter flexes her multitude of influences in a way that is both timeless and entirely unique, much like her new single with rapper 24HRS. Lock caught up with the British pop darling and found out more about her career so far.

Tell us a bit about “Just Me”, your collaboration with rapper 24hrs?

I reached out to him a couple of months ago about doing a feature on my old song called 24 hours and he asked for some other music that I had. He really liked just me and so I told him he could write for it and I just fell in love with his rendition so we kept it!

A lot has changed since your first single “Myself” in 2020. How would you describe the way you’ve grown and changed as a songwriter and artist since then?

I think about that a lot you know. That song is still my favorite as it not only get stuck in my head a lot but it is a placeholder for that really weird time when I first moved here. I think now that I’ve released a lot of music and have worked with a lot of different people I’ve become The artist that I would have looked to two years ago. I’m a lot more confident in my abilities as an artist and writer and take chances with my music.

You were born in England and now you’re based in LA. How do the two places inspire you? Can you see the way the different music scenes in each place have influenced your work?

England definitely brings back childhood memories and inspires me to write about nostalgic moments but LA makes me feel confident and excited about the future so when I’m writing in the two different places you can definitely hear it in my music.

How do you stay true to yourself in an industry where there are so many moguls, opinions and people trying to put you into boxes?

I really do try to stay clear of putting those boundaries in my mind and remind myself daily that human beings have to put things in boxes to rationalize. It is just human nature.

How much does your personal image and style play a part in your persona as a musician?

Those things go hand-in-hand for me I tried to keep everything super linear and stick to the person that I am instead of having to pay a character.

Your visuals & aesthetics for every single thing you do are always so on point. When you’re writing and recording, do you already have an idea of what the visuals will look like or is it something you figure out after?

That’s really kind of you to say. Thank you. I don’t usually think of visuals for an entire project until I have the body of work but I definitely think of scenery and images when I’m writing. More storytelling, less single cover/album artwork.

Your music always feels so relatable and it’s so easy to connect with. Is songwriting a personal thing for you? Is it a cathartic experience?

Also a really nice thing to say! I think writing for me is very cathartic. I can’t remember a time where I’ve got over a situation without songwriting. It’s as if I’m putting that situation in a box wrapping it up and sending it away once I finish the song.

Lastly, what else can we expect from you this year?

I want to do a lot more tours, write a lot more music, and keep collaborations frequent. I’m excited for this year and also want to thank people for their continued support of my project.

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Q&A: Ella Rosa
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