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Scottish pop artist Kirsty Grant only released her debut in 2019 but she’s since been on a soaring rise to pop greatness. Combining relatable lyricism, pop euphoria and clean-cut production, Kirsty’s pristine vocals and explosive choruses are becoming infectious. Ahead of her debut EP dropping later this year, we caught up with Kirsty to talk about her new single, songwriting and maturing as an artist.

Hi Kirsty, how are you? How’s the first half of the year been for you?

I am really good actually, so excited for this release! The first half of this year has been really rewarding so far, with finalising my debut EP, writing a lot of new music for next year, and shooting a lot of exciting visuals. So far, this year has also of course come with some moments of doubt and anxiousness about the future, but thankfully they are only just moments.

We love your pop sounds and your new single “Bad Boys, Good Girls” is out now. Can you tell us more about the single and what inspired it?

Thank you so much! I think this song was a long time in the making, as JULEZ (who co-wrote and produced the track) and I have been listening to upbeat dance music for a long time always saying we wanted to do something like it. The song’s production was inspired by one of our favourite artists NOTD, and the meaning behind it stemmed from a voice memo discussion over WhatsApp. I think everyone has come across a stereotypical ‘bad boy’ at some point, so JULEZ suggested writing a song about that, so we started voice memo’ing funny stories and experiences of some interesting people we have come across haha!

The release also came with an EP announcement, what can we expect from the EP?

You can expect a lot of vocoders haha. Also a lot of new sounds that you might not have heard from me before! This EP also has my first ever stripped back ballad which I am so excited for people to hear.

Do you have a favourite set of lyrics from the EP that you can share with us?

I would say my favourite lyric from the whole EP would be “doing all our things alone, the things we did, but now we don’t”.

Your music always feels so relatable and it’s so easy to connect with. Is songwriting a personal thing for you?

For sure songwriting is a very personal thing to me. There are songs that I write, that are exactly how I feel in that moment, as well as tracks where I might not feel that way at all anymore and I am just reflecting back on past feelings/experiences. It is also fun to make up scenarios in my head, and also listen to co-writers and what they are feeling/going through at the time of writing the track and take inspiration from them!

Even though you only released your first single in 2019, you’ve had so much support so far, what’s it like to hear a lot of nice things being said about your music? And then hitting over 1 million streams?

It is so rewarding when I get messages from people who listen to my music. So much work goes on behind the scenes that many would have no idea about, so when the music is finally out and people are responding well and loving it, it is the best feeling.

Do you think you’ve changed much as an artist since your first single?

I feel like I have changed SO much! I still love the same pop style, but in terms of developing as an artist, it has been a massive change. I now know a lot about vocal production and record everything from home, arrange harmonies and adlibs and put so much of myself into every track. I am way more confident as a songwriter than I was back then. Thankfully the last couple of years, I have learnt a lot about the industry and made some amazing connections with talented musicians that have helped me develop.

Can you recommend more pop females who should be on our radar right now?

Ooh of course! Someone I’ve been listening to a lot recently and has been smashing it, is a London based artist called GRACEY. Also an artist to have on your radar, is an amazing singer/songwriter called ili, who has released incredible songs, as well as having amazing songs for future releases, she is also the co-writer of two of the tracks on my upcoming EP!

Finally, can we catch you on tour this year? Or get a physical copy of the EP?

I think this would make a really cool glittery pink vinyl. Fingers crossed! Of course nothing is really certain at the moment but I would love to do some live shows this year! A glittery pink vinyl is for sure the dream! Going to try my best to make physical copies of the EP as well as potentially some merch!

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Q&A: Kirsty Grant
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