KK Lewis drops debut EP that is sure to keep you “DREAMING”

Dublin born singer-songwriter KK Lewis has finally dropped her debut EP “DREAMING” and we simply cannot get enough. To the point, soulful yet entirely relatable this Indie-pop collection was made to get utterly lost in. Made up of five expertly crafted tracks that explore a new version of the artist every time, she traverses her own fluidity between worlds and personas. Intimate, warm and with a gloriously distinctive tone, KK Lewis is certainly one to keep an eye on, or two!

“This EP represents a skeleton of KK Lewis. Each song explores a different version of me, revealing a new story and a new sound. It highlights the confusion and insecurity I felt during my teenage years, not feeling comfortable enough to be myself. This project follows a journey of self discovery and creates a foundation for my sound to grow from. I recorded this EP with Papa Rua in his house. We spent a long time listening to lots of different music, talking about what we wanted the record to sound like and the story I wanted to tell.” 

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KK Lewis drops debut EP that is sure to keep you “DREAMING”
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