Q&A: JJ Rosa

JJ Rosa is musician from Manchester. Inspired by Soul, R&B and alternative music, she’s an ambassador for Fender Guitars and has opened for the likes of Paloma Faith and Stevie Wonder.

To celebrate the release of her latest single ‘Pandora’, LOCK sat down with the Mancunian and chatted all things music.

Hi JJ, can you tell us about how your new single ‘Pandora’ came about?

I actually created Pandora with the amazing Troy Miller (producer to Emeli Sande/JP Cooper/Rag n Bone Man/ Laura Mvula) and the fantastic Fiona Bevan, a wonderful lyricist. I usually write and produce everything myself and it’s something I’m pursuing at the moment and increasingly working on, but when the opportunity to collaborate with such brilliant people appeared I jumped on it full throttle and i’m so pleased I did because I’m so proud of what we created.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?

It’s a real mixed bag of mostly heavy hiphop influenced grooves, sexy guitar licks inspired by the style of Hendrix/Prince and big soulful pop hooks.

Tell us about the moment you became an ambassador for Fender Guitars, that must of been exciting? You’ve also been working with Yamaha Music haven’t you?

When I found out Fender wanted me as one of their artists I was bloody gob smacked! I never thought i’d be approached by such a majorly iconic company!

Fender guitars have always a huge part of my guitar journey as Hendrix was known for being a Fender Strat player hence the beginning of my obsession with Strats. However, more recently I’ve joined forces with Yamaha who have been incredible and have shown me so much support, i’m very grateful.

Yamaha aren’t so much known for guitars really but that is soon to change believe me. I have some exciting things going on with Yamaha at the moment, all will be revealed soon!

You’ve opened for quite a few big names  including the likes of Paloma Faith and Stevie Wonder at BTS Hyde Park. What were the biggest lessons you took from those experiences?

Yeah, they were definitely  pinch yourself moments but the main thing I took from supporting the likes of Stevie and Paloma was the way in which to build a proper big ass show. Stevie is one of the masters at it so it was incredible to have been associated with him and on the same flippin’ poster!

Are you big on Christmas? It’s almost here!

Yeah man!!Love it! Can’t wait to get back up to Manchester to see family and friends for a week of copious amounts of food and wine!!

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you would be doing career-wise?

Definitely something to do with fashion I think. It’s always been a huge love of mine. It’s something i’d probably like to venture in to at some point in the future if all goes well!

Finally, what can we expect to see from JJ Rosa in 2020?

More music releases, more videos, a decent looking festival season and hopefully a tour too!

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Q&A: JJ Rosa
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