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Q&A Interview: Catherine McGrath

Ireland’s very own country superstar Catherine McGrath is one of the most exciting acts currently circulating the UK and Ireland’s country scene. The now London-based star has had an incredible rise to fame with sell out tours and  top-selling singles, and now she is back with new single ‘Wild’.

Here we speak exclusively to Catherine McGrath to discuss her country inspiration, upcoming festival slots and more.

How excited are you by the current growth of British country?

Catherine: It’s so exciting to watch. I remember waiting for the next country artist to come play a UK show and it felt like waiting forever, now there’s so much music both originating here and coming over here and I’m so happy to see country music starting to get the recognition and appreciation it deserves. 

Where do you feel your music fits into the current flow of UK Country?

Catherine: I feel like it’s come in at a good time. It’s something I’ve loved for so long and always knew I wanted to do. So to be able to release music and play shows at a time when country seems to be growing over here just worked perfectly and I’m so happy to be a part of it all.

You have recently released an acoustic version of new single ‘Wild’, what made you want to give the fans two versions?

Catherine: I love acoustic versions of songs – it’s nice to hear it stripped back and you get to really listen to the lyrics and what the song’s about. So I wanted that to come across. And people seem to really like the acoustic versions so I wanted to keep doing that.

Growing up, who was it that influenced your love of country music?

Catherine: It was Taylor Swift who helped me discover the genre, but also artists like Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood. I listened to their music as I was growing up so they definitely had a huge impact.

Along with new music, you’re also touring this September, and playing a number of festivals over the coming months. What can fans expect from your shows?

Catherine: I’ll be playing with an awesome band, as well as singing songs that I’ve released already, I’ll be singing some brand new ones off the album too!

Can fans expect a different vibe from your festival slots compared to your headline gigs?

Catherine: I definitely tell a lot more stories during my headline shows and change it up a bit, I think every set is different because every show has a different vibe so it really depends on that!

Are there any UK country acts you’re looking to work with?

Catherine: Not at the minute, but I toured with the Shires last year and it was so much fun and me and Ben have done some writing together so maybe more songwriting!

How do you feel being Irish has helped shaped your musical sound?

Catherine: It definitely helped me develop the love and passion for music I have. I grew up in a small village in Ireland that love music and my parents play music every night of the week so it was just a normal thing that people did in my eyes, so because of that upbringing I think I knew I wanted to do it forever.

What would you say are your long term career goals?

Catherine: To just be able to keep on making music that people want to hear more of and to keep getting better and better. I’d love to get to play music in America too!

Catherine McGrath will release will release her eagerly anticipated debut album Talk Of The Town via Warner Bros on 27th July.

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Q&A Interview: Catherine McGrath
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