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Kwamie Liv Returns With New Single ‘Sweet Like Brandy’

After a lengthy two-year hiatus, Kwamie Liv, has returned with her new single ‘Sweet Like Brandy’. Produced by Kwamie’s longtime creative partner, Baby Duka, ‘Sweet Like Brandy’ is a seductive and brilliant return to form.

Thematically, the lyricism and accompanying music video explores a couple’s passionate and turbulent relationship as it nears the end.

The Danish-Zambian artist said this about the music video in her latest press release…

“With the ‘Sweet Like Brandy’ visual I wanted to depict a series of slow images, almost like photographs which act as a window into an interaction between two lovers. Ultimately I wanted to create something beautiful, devoid of explanation but fundamentally intimate.”

You can watch Kwamie Liv’s music video for ‘Sweet Like Brandy’ below.

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Words: Cameron Poole.

Featured Image: Kim Bech.

Kwamie Liv Returns With New Single ‘Sweet Like Brandy’
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