Q&A: I See Rivers

Norway-via-Wales trio I See Rivers create the most blissful sounds. With angelic harmonies and sweet, delicate melodies, the trio continue to grace our ears with singles laced with love and happiness. Despite garnering fans across the globe, the trio have been keeping themselves busy during lockdown by knitting and looking after plants – see I knew there was a reason why I loved these girls so damn much!?

LOCK spoke to the band ahead of their debut album release later this year. Here’s how to fall in love with I See Rivers:

Hey girls, thanks so much for chatting to us!

Hello! Thank you for having us!

What have you been up to lately?

The three of us are currently in self-quarantine in three different places. Eline in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Lill in Oslo and Gøril in Bodø, Norway. We’re all trying to make the most of the mad situation we’re all in. Most importantly we’ve been knitting, reading and looking after our plants.

Your new single “How” was inspired by Greek mythology. Tell us more about that.  

The single is inspired by the greek gods Andromeda and Perseus and ‘How’ reflects a couple’s turbulent love-story as they try and make sense of their relationship. Through Andromeda’s eyes, the song echoes her deep understanding of her connection to Perseus and her belief that even through hardships and turmoil, they have always
been destined to be together – even after death she and Perseus is to spend the rest of their existence as constellations in the sky.

Your music is always so dreamy! Where do you find the most inspiration for your music? 

It’s different every time, really. But we do use a lot of references to nature and we mix our own experiences in life with stories we hear along the way.

Your debut album is released later this year, we can’t wait to hear it! 

We can’t WAIT to share it!

You started your own Kickstarter to help fund the project, how important was that in ensuring that the album was finished?

It was so incredibly important for us and we can’t thank them all enough for the support they showed us. Firstly we got a lot of confidence from the whole experience, seeing how so many people wanted to support us to make an album, made us feel like we had someone to make the music for. And then we finally had the funds to actually go and record the songs we wanted to share with everyone.

All your live shows have been postponed until autumn now, what are you looking to most about getting back on the road? 

We can’t wait to see each other again! And we can’t wait to actually play the album live for everyone! We’re just crossing our fingers that we don’t have to wait too long before we can all meet and see and hug each other again.

What’s one song we should add to our isolation playlists?

Queen by Storme! She’s just amazing!

Thanks for chatting girls!

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Q&A: I See Rivers
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