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Allegra: Meet the teenage superstar taking the internet – and the charts – by storm!

Only a year on from the release of her debut single and video, the infectious ‘All About Us’, and teen-superstar Allegra is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. 


Keeping up a steady stream of content on all her social media platforms, Allegra has turned her hand (and her vocal chords) to a wide range of big-name covers, including those of Lewis Capaldi, Loud Luxury and Selena Gomez.


The latter was a collaboration with noted video producer and YouTube sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider, as well as Sam Tsui, who also featured in the video. The cover of Gomez’s smash number one hit, ‘Lose You To Love Me’ went viral in a matter of hours, and proved again that Allegra is truly a force to be reckoned with. 


‘All About Us’ has not stopped either. The laidback, summer-y anthem has made appearances on several Billboard and iTunes charts the world over, bringing us some much-needed chilled out party vibes during these stressful times. Starting simply with some sweeping synths the track is soon taken up a notch by the inclusion of Allegra’s powerful and yet controlled vocals. ‘I’m all about you // one hundred percent you is my truth… yeah’, she sings in her characteristically emotive tone. She writes her own material, a rarity for such young talent, which results in tracks that are honest, and performances that are real and raw.


The track is, at its core, a song about two people who overcome adversity and realise that they belong together. It’s a song about negotiating distractions and prioritising what is important – a sentiment we could all learn from.


It was at age 14 that Allegra, and those around her, realised how serious her singer-songwriter ambitions were. She has spent the last two years honing her craft and she is now ready to showcase her fresh new sound.


She was in the studio for three day laying down the track alongside Chris Herbert (who masterminded the Spice Girls), and the strength of the single has attracted some of the hottest names from the world of dance to remix the single.


Most recently, she has been providing us with some much-needed entertainment online, in the form of Tik Tok videos and YouTube vlogs. She also posts regularly on her blog, which can be found at


So what are you waiting for? Watch the video for ‘All About Us’ now and get ready for your next Tik Tok obsession!


Allegra: Meet the teenage superstar taking the internet – and the charts – by storm!
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